Condo Interior Design

Condo Interior Design

Condo Interior Design

Moving into a condo might feel like you’re losing some space, but one of the many benefits of condo living is that, having less rooms to maintain, means you can work on a great condo interior design over and over.

Lavish has been creating exciting spaces for people in Raleigh NC who want to live a lavish life. We love helping people feel proud of the spaces they inhabit. As you think about your own condo interior design we have some helpful thoughts to get your gears turning. And when you’re ready to implement these ideas, give us a call.

How to Decorate a Condo

Moving into a condo, while losing some space, affords you more opportunities for personal touch that seem out of reach when you have a garden, yard, garage, and multiple rooms to maintain.

Decorating your condo requires some thought. If you’re feeling stuck, ask yourselves these questions:

All of these questions reveal the primary function of your spaces. When you know how your condo is being used, you’ll have a starting point to work with an interior designer on how to decorate a condo, no matter the size.

Condo Interior Design Ideas

Finding inspiration for your condo is a lot easier with the Internet. Websites like Pinterest and Apartment Therapy are great for condo interior design ideas that will give you a lot to work with. Use them to your advantage and come prepared to a meeting with a potential interior design firm in your area.


Like good condo interior design, furniture should reflect both fashion and function. This is a bigger purchase. Modern condo design doesn’t need to be extremely trendy, and because of its cost it’s important to be sure that you’ll enjoy it for years to come. Often furniture is a focal point of a room, so choosing something that will work well with a lot of different pieces is smart.


Sometimes all a room needs is some new light to bring it to life. Talk to your interior designer about how you can utilize your space with different lighting fixtures to nearly change the entire room. Additionally, you might consider how the natural light you already have flows with your layout and design.


Condo interior design firms will be able to help you with the right colors to match your aesthetic, but also keep your spaces vibrant. An expert can help you mix and match colors and neutrals to pull off whatever feeling you hope for.


There has been a strong return of wallpaper into homes over the past several years. Don’t think of your parents wallpaper that feels out of date. New styles can range from tasteful and subtle to loud and vibrant. Whatever your style there is a wallpaper that can suit your space.

Examples of great wallpaper.


A great piece of art not only makes your space unique, but is a great conversation starter. There can be personal meaning behind it or it can come from a local artist you love. Do you want one big piece or several smaller pieces? Is there a theme or style you like most? Art is a great way to have some fun with condo interior design.

Condo Interior Design Raleigh NC

You may be really excited to start your life in your condo, or perhaps you’re doing it because you just don’t need all that extra space anymore. Whatever your reason Lavish are experts and professionals of condo interior design. Our Raleigh NC showroom is a great place to gather inspiration and talk to one of our design professionals to help you transform your condo into something lavish that is as unique as you are.