Interior Design Cary, NC

Interior Design Cary, NC

Searching for good interior design in Cary NC? We’d like to help you have a Lavish experience.

There are tons of interior designers.Raleigh, NC alone has thousands of companies and individuals who know a thing or two about design. How does one go about choosing the right interior designer in Cary NC?


First, let’s talk about lighting. Ever noticed walking into a space, perhaps even a Cary interior designers store, and you’re instantly transported? We’d like to invite you to Lavish, so we can show you what we’re all about.​

In fact, there are loads of elements that go into a good design – the way the light hits the walls, the way the color palette and textures play with each other, the way all the pieces seem to flow and make a cohesive statement without overpowering one another or standing out too much. These are all considerations for interior designers – ones that you don’t have to know how to do on your own.


Next, let’s talk about furniture. Beyond function, do the pieces inside the space feel luxurious? How do you want to feel when you sit down in the chair or behind the desk? Does the couch promote lounging and connecting?​

So how do you select who to work with and welcome into your space? Well, the good news is that you have a choice in interior design firms; NC is teeming with them. Founders Chris and Jenny Cimino have curated a team of designers to help you feel like you are the most important and only client they have. If you’re looking for a Lavish experience, you’ll love how we curate, design, and orchestrate what you need to live a lavish life.

Intention behind every detail

Because at Lavish, we believe beautiful, rich design is much more than can be learned through formal education or YouTube videos and magazines. There’s a certain ethereal element to how you feel in a space, given the design and the choices that were made to pull it together. At Lavish, there’s intention behind every little detail. Whether you’re here for a private residential space, a retail space, a restaurant, an office, we’ve given them all a Lavish interior design. Cary, NC is the perfect place to enhance and add our Lavish touch to your space.

Our retail studio is located in Raleigh, and in it you can do everything from imagine pieces for your dream home to find the perfect gift. Come see us near North Ridge Country Club behind Winston’s Grill and next to Rise & Douglas Carroll Salon & Spa. We have our version of the “genius bar” with interior designers and real estate agents. We are constantly curing beautiful treasure, jewelry, candles, art, and some of the best tasting and crowd-pleasing wines from all over the world.​

Our goal is to have people feel inspired when they walk into your space and be comfortable enjoying every thoughtful detail. Really, we mean every thoughtful detail. Just take a look around our site at some examples of our beautiful work and get inspired.

What do you want your room to say?

At Lavish, we know it’s not how much money you spend but where you spend it that makes the biggest impact. This is a foundational belief we stand by and for. Because when the details, the colors, textures, and materials are working in concert, it evokes emotion that you can’t help but call it lavish.​

When you work with us, every single choice is made with you (and if applicable, your clientele) in mind – how you want the space to make the people using it feel. The mood you want to cultivate. The vibe and personality of a room can totally speak life into the people inside of it. What do you want yours to say?

Better yet, come and tell us! Experience what it’s like to speak with us and get a sense of what it would be like to work together creating and orchestrating the space you desire. Interior design, Cary, NC, has never felt so exquisite and lush – and you deserve to have a space that makes you feel this way, without breaking the bank. Come see us at our offices, located at 6325 Falls of Neuse Road #31, North Raleigh NC or call us at (919) 803-3383 to set up an appointment. We look forward to seeing you in person soon!