Interior Design Raleigh NC

Interior Design Raleigh NC

Are you looking for a lavish experience with interior design in Raleigh NC?

Raleigh NC is the home of interior designers lavish, a premier design firm that pulls together an outstanding experience of beautiful design for both homeowners and commercial businesses alike. You’re in for a treat.

What is a lavish experience?

Founders Chris and Jenny Cimino have hand selected a team that’s here to help you Curate, Design, and Orchestrate what you need to live a lavish life. Lavish includes agents to help you find your dream property listing, interior designers to help you create and transform your space into one that makes you feel inspired and connected, and a retail studio that supports a lavish lifestyle with everything from wine tastings to curated gifts and treasures from all over the world.​

No matter if you’ve come to us for real estate or interior design, we want you to feel like lavish’s one and only client. That begins from the moment you peruse our website. We think of this as starting a conversation with you. We want you to not only imagine what’s possible for your space, but also how interior design can help you live the lavish lifestyle you deserve.

Let us treat you.

So what does a lavish experience look like to you?

When we ask people that question, there’s often an element of ease, perhaps some whimsy, and of course a beautiful aesthetic. We love to craft all the little details to personalize a lavish experience for each of our clients. Raleigh interior designers know how to do it right.

In fact, closings often happen at lavish with Chef Dave cooking and opening a nice bottle of something with bubbles. We make the entire process simple and fun. If you want a lavish experience at any price point, we should talk today. It’s not about how much you spend, but where you spend it that makes the biggest impact.

Whether you’re looking for interior design in Raleigh NC or interior design in Cary NC, the lavish Retail Studio is worth the drive. Set an appointment to talk by phone or come see us in the office or our flagship store. We’d love to hear more about your dream space and talk design ideas!

Got a design conundrum? We thrive on thinking outside of the box to bring each little detail together into a cohesive design that feels extravagant without breaking the bank. We’ve said it once, but it bears repeating. Because we truly believe that it’s not how much you spend, but where you spend that makes the most impact. When all the details, colors, textures and materials work together in concert, it evokes emotion that you can’t help but call lavish. In fact, this is what we think of when we think of interior design.

Raleigh NC, how does lavish sound to you?

You read that right. Down to the sound that each piece makes in a space – the sound (or lack thereof) drawers and doors make when they close – each element is part of the overall aesthetic. So when we say all the details, we mean it. It’s not just the sights and smells that form a space around you.

It’s sounds, textures, and it’s even tastes – because in a kitchen that’s inspiring and fresh – the meals that are prepared there come out tasting even better because it’s a place you want to be. Time bends while you enjoy the present moment all the more – cooking, entertaining, even enjoying your morning coffee in solitude should be done in a space that’s inspiring. Soak up what every moment has to offer you in a beautifully designed space. Now that’s lavish.​

If you haven’t picked up on this yet, lavish is more than just interior design. It’s an experience. It’s a lifestyle. It’s yours for curating. Contact us now to get started.