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Interior Design

Top 10 Interior Design Elements

Good interior design is something we can all benefit from, but not everyone appreciates the subtle, often subconscious,  benefits to having a well-designed space. We’ve pulled together the top ten interior design elements, so whether you’re wanting a quick refresh, or a complete design transformation, these are the elements that every reputable interior decorator utilizes.

  1. Lighting
    From the natural light to the fixtures that you choose, lighting has a profound effect on every space. A cheerful space in the morning can be turned into one that is dramatic in the evenings with just the right fixtures. Good interior designers know that with just this one element, the entire energy of a room can be transformed.

  2. Space
    This element encompasses so much.  Space refers both to the size of the room, that you have space to enjoy its function and flow, but also the “negative” space – or space between elements within the room. The human eye likes for a certain amount of space between pieces in order to fully take in and appreciate them, so one of the most inspired interior design ideas is to take away objects that may be cluttering a space so that it can be more thoroughly enjoyed.

  3. Symmetry
    A certain level of balance is also subconsciously pleasing.  Symmetry can come into play with the shape of furniture pieces, the weight of different objects within the room, and the symmetry of the pieces themselves. An example might be, for an interior design, that includes identical wall pieces hung opposite from one another or flanking a focal point like a window or fireplace mantel.

  4. Color Scheme
    No surprise here, right? Color has long been a celebrated and appreciated element of interior design. But don’t forget that neutrals can often make just as much of an impact as bold, bright hues. The element of color is a design element that should be considered for each and every surface – the walls, the flooring, the furniture, and other décor. The overall palette along with the accent colors should collaborate, not compete, for your attention.

  5. Function
    Well, this might be oversimplifying things, but we believe a well-designed room actually, you know, works for you. Do the accent tables and lighting actually support what you want to do in the room? It’s not comfortable to drink a glass of wine or read a book when you can’t reach the table or see the words you’re reading. Is the seating both comfortable and beautiful? Who wants to sink into a deliciously comfortable couch that you can’t stand the sight of? In this way, aesthetic is part of function too.

  6. Accent décor
    A little goes a long way with accents. A beautiful vase or bowl, or a small collection of bottles can start to add a little more visual interest and make the space feel more welcoming.

  7. Texture
    This is an element that is traditionally brought in with fabric on upholstered furniture, but can also look great on the floor, walls, window coverings, light fixtures, throw pillows, you name it. Mixing up textures is often pleasing and interesting to the eye without being overpowering.

  8. Lines
    Lines can bring drama, invite whimsy, promote relaxation, or heighten focus. The shape of furniture, fixtures and art work, should all consider the kind of lines you want to capture – modern, masculine simplicity or something softer, feminine and ornate?

  9. Patterns
    Again, the pattern is yet another element that elicits more visual interest. If you have busy patterns like a plaid you will want simple patterns anywhere else, if at all. Simpler patterns like a light pinstripe can be sometimes mixed and matched, as long as the other elements are working together. 

  10. Personality 
    These are all the “little” elements that pull the room together and make it feel like an experience to be in the space. This is the whole that is more than the sum of its parts – a design element that is difficult to pull off without some foresight or strategy. What’s the experience you want to have in the room? What are the feelings you want to evoke? Getting clear on how you want to feel in the space will inform the personality you want the shape for the room itself through this and all the other design elements.

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