Interior Designers Near Me

Help! I’m looking for interior designers near me.

Interior design companies are a dime a dozen these days. Case in point – you’ve probably received loads of results for your search for interior designers near me, right? What should you look for when considering hiring one? How do you make a wise investment? What assurances do you have that who you hire won’t take your money and leave your project half-done or take forever and completely blow your budget? It’s a big decision, so we totally understand where you are coming from with your concerns.

So here are 5 things to look for when considering interior decorators near me:

Web presence

Of course this isn’t everything, but it can be telling. Sure, we know you aren’t hiring a website designer, but interior design companies with a professional looking website shows their attention to detail and their appreciation for beautiful design both on and off line. Do you like the look and feel of their site? Does it feel the way you want your home to feel? For example, if you want your space to feel welcoming and free of clutter, the interior designers that are more likely to be a good fit for you, will have a website that is welcoming and free of clutter. We’re glad you are here! Take a look around our site and get a sense for the lavish experience.

Professional office space

Again, this is another example of interior designers showing their design in action. How does being in the space feel to you? Do you appreciate the flow of the space, the finish, the pieces that have been chosen? The Lavish Raleigh retail studio is located at 6325 Falls of Neuse Road #31, North Raleigh NC. Whether you want to build your dream home or find the perfect gift, we are building a network of locations that are both approachable and fun to visit.

Portfolio of finished projects

In addition to their online and office spaces, reputable interior designers will have examples of their work for actual clients. If you’re looking for kitchen designers, take a look at examples of their completed kitchen remodels. If you’re looking to refresh a bathroom, review their portfolio for those types of spaces. At Lavish Raleigh, we serve both residential and commercial clients. Review our online portfolio of finished design projects here.

What’s their design philosophy? What do they stand for?

Great interior designers should be able to articulate their goal when working with clients. Make sure what is most important to them, is also important to you. Make sure that your main goals are aligned with their message. Are they the type of company you will feel good about working with a week from now? Months? At Lavish Raleigh, our goal is to have people feel inspired when they walk into your space and be comfortable enjoying every thoughtful detail. We use technology to help you see the space before you make any big investments of time or money.

Trust your gut.

Our first impression is usually pretty spot on. How do they make you feel from the get-go? Do they answer all your questions thoroughly? Do they put you at ease with your budget? Can you feel a sense of trust starting to build with their level of honesty from the first conversation? At Lavish Raleigh, we are doing everything possible to find ways of taking the friction and stress out of working with a designer. We believe that we are the starting point to any project because we can help you curate the right team, design the details to work together, and help orchestrate solutions for any space you want considered lavish.

Interior Designers Near Me in Raleigh, NC

At lavish Raleigh, we offer ways you can explore and enhance all aspects of your life. We believe that interior design has the ability to transform the way we live, think, and enjoy each other, so we would appreciate the opportunity to show you what lavish can mean for you. For a conversation about how your design project can support your lavish life, give us a call at 919-803-3383 or contact us here.