Raleigh Interior Designer

There are dozens of Raleigh interior designers. How do you choose the one that’s right for you?

With literally dozens of interior design firms in Raleigh NC, it can be challenging to decide who to meet and research, much less hire for your design project. Each minute you spend worrying about whether you’ve chosen the right firm is too many, so a little time investment on the front end can really go a long way. We’ve gathered the top 4 considerations when shopping for a Raleigh interior designer below to help you with the process.


First of all, budget is usually top of mind for most people. What’s the range of projects that the designer does his/her best work in? Most designers offer a range that they’re comfortable working in, but a few prefer to work at the highest end – perhaps out of your budget – or lowest end – where you may not get the level of service and attention you’re hoping for. At lavish, we leverage technology to help you see the space BEFORE you make any big investments of time or money. We believe, we are the starting point to any project, because we can help you curate the right team and design the details together – no matter the price point.


Secondly, what level of experience do they have? Raleigh interior designers have a wide range of experience, from those that have been in the business for years – with both residential and commercial experience – to those who have recently decided to take their Pinterest skills to market. Some questions to ask are: Do they have experience in the type of design you’re interested in? Do they have a solid portfolio that resonates with the style you’re looking for? Do they have referrals they are willing to share?

Whether it’s finding and designing your dream home or a commercial real estate space, at lavish, we have a team of experienced designers and brokers that pool their talents and resources to help you create the perfect space to live, work, and/or invest in.


A third question to ask is: how do you assess the talent of their eye? This one can be tough – but not impossible. A reputable Raleigh interior designer will open their doors to you and let you have a peek into an assortment of pieces that might pair together in your space. Some designers even host a “design studio” or “retail studio” that showcase a sampling of the materials and décor they like to use in their designs.

At lavish, we wanted our retail space to take it one step further and create an immersive experience where you not only can shop our style, but you can also really enjoy yourself in the process. For more on our Retail Space and what it has to offer, click here.

With so many options of commercial interior design in Raleigh NC, it’s truly a buyers’ market.


Lastly, but not of least importance, you’re going to be partnering with these people. Do they have the kind of personalities that you can collaborate with? In your initial conversation, did you feel listened to? Do you feel they have a good grasp of what matters to you and how you want to use the space? How well does their vision capture the experience you want to create? Do you enjoy being in their presence, and how important is that to you?

Choose Lavish as your Raleigh Interior Designer

At lavish, we believe in creating an experience both with our clients throughout the design process all the way to execution – and for those that will be using the space. It’s important to us that you feel heard, understood, and excited about the design we are curating for you. Not only do we want the design to achieve your goals, we want the experience of the space to surpass your expectations.

These are all considerations to make when making an informed decision about choosing your Raleigh interior designer. There are some great ones out there, so we want you to connect with the one that’s right for you. We’d love to have a chance to hear about your project and see how we can make your experience more lavish. Contact us here or give us a call at (919) 803-3383.