Top Interior Designers

Top Interior Designers

What’s a typical day like for top interior designers?

At lavish, we focus on lifestyle. How you want to use the space, and more importantly how you want it to make you and everyone else who will be in it, feel. So for us, being one of the best interior designers that Raleigh NC has to offer, means that we’re leading by example and living a lavish life too.

Top interior designers are considered just that because we love what we do. We see possibility and beauty in every space, and it all started in our own.

How is our family, just like yours?

A typical morning at Founders Chris and Jenny Cimino’s house probably looks pretty familiar. There are sticky hands and sibling squabbles, and an agenda of parental things to accomplish. We’re answering phone calls and sending texts in between bites of blueberry pancakes too. Sometimes we’re grabbing a green smoothie for the car so we can check out the progress at a design site. Yet, what’s different is that our space is beautiful, works for our life, and contributes to the way we want our family to connect and enjoy each other.

And with a philosophy of life being all about relationships making every customer part of our family, we don’t make a distinction in our minds between our personal life and our life at lavish. Because for us, each individual we interact with, whether it’s a client, team member, or one of our own children, each is part of our beautifully curated life, and we try to enjoy each moment.

Being top interior designers means Jenny and her design team are constantly on the lookout for inspiration, beautiful fabric, and pieces that have a lux appeal to them. Each of them loves design so much, that they’d be doing these things as a hobby during nap time and in the waiting room for physician check ups, even if their work wasn’t built around it!​

Getting paid for your gifts and talents is what allows this team to love what they do, and it shows.

Besides great design and a lavish experience for clients, what else sets us apart in the industry?

We’re proud to be part of a wave of interior decorators making a lasting impact outside our design projects as well. Not all interior design firms are associated with a strong philanthropic mission. Lavish is a proud sponsor of the Educated Giving Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at funding amazing, world-changing projects for reputable charities. For more on this, read how lavish is keeping a spirit of generosity. Our own founder and broker Chris Cimino acts as host, as the charities present their project ideas to Educated Giving’s panel, which determines award funding and other resources to organizations that demonstrate a clear plan and public commitment to measurable results.

Chris’ generous spirit extends to his work in real estate. He and his team of real estate brokers are committed to understanding each client’s wish list and what a lavish lifestyle means to them, so they can find the perfect home. This makes for a match made in heaven, because if you’re in the market for a new home, and want a specific look or feel in the design, it opens up a lot more possibility for you to find a property and make it your own. Quite frankly, being top interior designers and brokers, makes lavish a unique and outstanding marriage because real estate and design is all part of a unified team with your goals in mind. There aren’t many top interior designers that can say that they work so closely with your realtor that they go home together for brainstorming ideas for your dream kitchen!​

Not to mention, on the commercial side, our brokers are in the know and often aware of which properties are about to come on the market so your business can secure the perfect location. Again, our top interior designers are right there with ideas of how to turn an ideal location into the perfect interior for your clients, customers, or patients. Because again, it all comes back to building relationships.

Come see what it feels like to be treated like you’re our one and only client.

We’re ready to start a long-term relationship with you, and make both your space and life more lavish. Give us a call at (919) 803-3383 to set up an appointment today. Looking forward to connecting with you!