Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Looking for bathroom remodel ideas doesn’t have to be a chore. There’s a ton of great ideas out there. In fact, we love searching the web for new inspiration too. But it’s sometimes challenging to know how to pull off a certain look with a different floor plan. That’s ok – there are a few tricks of the trade we can help you use.

What pains you most about your bathroom remodel? Ideas for helping you reduce stress and friction associated with bathroom remodels are to hire a professional. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people start off their own DIY bathroom makeovers and get in over their heads with time and money. It’s so not necessary!

At Lavish, we absolutely love bathroom remodel ideas that marry function with luxurious form.

The best bathroom makeovers maximize any and all available natural lighting. Does the bathroom have a window? You can enhance it by removing any obstacles while still preserving privacy with the type of glass you choose. You can also play up the window with dramatic dressing that’s clean, bright, and simple. With the absence of natural light, remodeling a bathroom must certainly include an emphasis on beautiful bright light fixtures that will transform the space and make it feel more luxurious.

We also love bathroom remodel ideas that pull together a spa-like aesthetic right in your own master suite. From the counter-top material, to the storage/cabinetry, flooring, tub and shower surfaces, to the mirrors, each element is a design opportunity including the drawer pulls, faucets, and light switches. Pay attention to these elements next time you visit a beautifully designed spa or peruse our portfolio.​

At Lavish, we incorporate bathroom remodel ideas that give a clean, polished, and spacious aesthetic that enhance and promote your relaxation and renewal. We believe a space you use every day should feel lavish and worthy of you and your time spent there.

To some, it might be “just a bathroom” remodel. Ideas about this work being unnecessary and frivolous, are (we guess) one way to look at it. But to us, that’s quite a narrow-minded perspective.

More than just looks, a bathroom remodel will change how you start your day.

Remodeling a bathroom is a grand opportunity to start your day off on the right foot, in a space that makes you feel pampered and able to breathe easily. And that feeling trickles out through your interactions the rest of the day. At Lavish, we take care with each and every “little” detail because we know that when they all work in concert with one another, and we want the overall look and feel of the space to be transformative.

We love this work because it’s our chance to use our genius helping others start their day off right. We believe in the lasting impact a positive environment can have on a person and their relationships and we’re passionate about this being our contribution to making the world a better place.

In this way, bathroom remodel ideas are much more than the face-value chance to make a space function better and look more updated. It’s a chance to change the course of your entire day, so even the smallest details like the soap dish by the sink, and a towel to dry your hands on, are chosen with a Lavish experience in mind.

​A color palette can also transform the way a bathroom looks and feels. Choosing a palette that’s both invigorating in the morning and helps soothe down the days stresses in the evening can be challenging, but that’s something we believe at Lavish we excel at.

Refresh your bathroom and start your day off right

Let’s talk about your goals with your bathroom remodel. Ideas are just on the other side of a conversation with one of our design team members. We’d love the chance to talk about your space and how you want it to make you feel! There are loads of DIY ideas, but if you’re not much of a do-it-yourselfer or simply don’t have the time or the energy to do so, let us take care of the design, curation, and execution for your dream bathroom suite.​

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