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Over 112 Acres

118 Solar Way, Louisburg

$2.25M – 2 Homes, 3 Barns

<1 Hour from Raleigh

MLS #10000788

Inside the Beltline

1323 Ridge Rd., Raleigh

$3.5M – 5 Bed, 5.5 Baths

6,008 sq. ft.  // yr. 2021

MLS #10035874

South Raleigh

4908 Birchleaf Dr., Raleigh

$4.183M – 6 Bed, 6.5 Baths

5,403 sq. ft.  // yr. 2022

MLS #10015309

North Raleigh

5305 Dixon Dr., Raleigh

$1.85M – 4 Bed, 4.5 Baths

4,125 sq. ft.  // yr. 2024

MLS #10007081

North Raleigh

1616 Hunting Ridge Rd., Raleigh

$4.95M – 6 Bed, 6.5 Baths

7,381 sq. ft.  // yr. 2022

MLS #10025409

outside 540

11205 Jonas Ridge Ln., Raleigh

$4.95M – 5 Bed, 7.5 Baths

9,837 sq. ft.  // yr. 2008

MLS #10036625

outside 540

11405 Royal Amber Way, Raleigh

$1.875M – 4 Bed, 4.5 Baths

5,129 sq. ft.  // yr. 2018

MLS #10037293

Wilmington, NC

824 Inlet View Dr.

$10.5M – 5 Bed, 6.5 Baths

6,300 sq. ft.  // yr. 2014

MLS #100433218

Wrightsville Beach, NC

324 Causeway Dr.

$3.995M – 6 Bed, 5.5 Baths

4,508 sq. ft.  // yr. 1985

MLS #100442265

Hampstead, NC

84 Shipyard Ln.

$2.895M – 4 Bed, 4.5 Baths

5,187 sq. ft.  // yr. 2007

MLS #100441869

Your lavish Home Awaits

At lavish, we aren’t just about spaces. We’re about experiences.

Rooted in Raleigh, our brand has come to epitomize the pinnacle of luxury in design, real estate, and craftsmanship.

Experience seamless relocation with Raleigh's premier real estate experts.

The lavish Advantage

Integrated Team Approach

With Lavish, you’re not just working with an agent but an entire cohesive team. From acquisition to furnishing, we ensure every step is harmonized to your vision.

In-House Design & Build

Dive into a seamless journey where we design, build, or remodel and even upfit or furnish your space, ensuring your home truly feels like your own.

Transformative Spaces

Unlike traditional firms, our focus isn’t just on buying or selling. We specialize in transformations. Our design team envisions potential and brings it to life, ensuring your home isn’t just new but is uniquely you.

Staging for Maximum Impact

Selling your property is an art form. Our interior design expertise ensures your home is captivating. We highlight your home’s best features, evoke aspirational living, and create an emotional connection for potential buyers.

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