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Most people spend up to 8 hours a day in their bedrooms. Why wouldn’t you make yours lavish?

What one couple discovered after investing in transforming in their bedroom.

We had the opportunity to work with a busy professional couple who had a functional bedroom that lacked in character and luxury. It was a typical room with basic furniture, plain walls, and minimal decor. The space didn’t reflect their personalities or lifestyle and certainly didn’t offer the luxurious retreat the craved after long work days.

After coming to lavish for an initial consult, they had a vision and hope for what could be possible. Our team made the selection process very easy and the installation frictionless.

Major Benefits this couple
and similar clients experienced

1. enhanced relaxation

The lavish bedroom became their sanctuary for relaxation. The serene ambiance and luxurious bedding, the right mattress, and lighting improved their sleep quality and the room just felt different. It became much easier to switch gears from the day to a more romantic and relaxed setting. 

2. personal connection

The personalized decor made the space more meaningful and strengthened their emotional attachment to the room and their home. Tasteful family photos in gorgeous frames helped them remember why they worked so hard everyday. Other art in the room – such as a favorite vacation – allows them to appreciate their life and being home together. 

3. easy lifestyle upgrade

Most bedrooms do not require any remodeling even though adding wall details, the right lighting, or even a fireplace can enhance the room’s appeal. Most of the time, a simple furniture swap and attention to each surface’s details can greatly improve the way you feel walking into your bedroom and can easily be worth the investment. 

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