Bathroom Remodel

Are you having a recurring dream of having your bathroom remodeled, that just won’t go away?

Every bathroom remodel starts with a vision, a style, a look, a feel for how you want your private oasis to support your lifestyle. Since we’re talking about a space you use each and every day, a bathroom remodel design is one of the most important considerations you’ll make for your home. But it can be daunting to take the leap to begin.

Finding a team you trust.

When you consider a bathroom remodel project, it’s essential to work with a team you trust. The cost of bathroom remodels can vary greatly, so a conversation to understand the options for your budget can mean the difference between a smooth no-surprises project and a nightmare. At Lavish Raleigh, communication is key. We want to make sure we’re on the same page with you from the beginning, in frequent touch with you as the project progresses, through its completion and beyond.

Nobody wants an ugly bathroom, but sometimes the rooms we use most get the most abuse and neglect. What keeps most people from taking the plunge on a bathroom remodel, is the lack of understanding on cost. Being on the same page with your design team is imperative to getting the look you want and the best investment for your dollar.

At Lavish Raleigh, we love working within your budget to transform an eyesore of a space into a homeowner’s dream.

How we will transform your space with a bathroom remodel.

First, we’ll consider the way you use the space. Some of the most impactful bathroom remodels are the ones that give you more space, a better flow, better lighting, all of which can make an atmospheric difference. A palatable difference right as you walk into the space, means you breathe easier. Since it’s the first place you visit in the morning, an effective bathroom remodel can help improve your mood for the rest of the day. We believe a bathroom should feel restorative at the end of a long day as well as energizing at the start of one.

Secondly, we’ll consider fixtures. These are the items like the sinks, tub, shower, faucets, lighting, and toilet, any one of which can contribute to the overall look or detract from it – making the entire space feel dated. These are functional items, sure, but they impact the overall style of the bathroom remodel. Whether it’s eclectic, farmhouse, modern, contemporary, or more of a classic style you’re into, there really are fixtures for every style preference. There are is no shortage of options – from functionality to finishes – at Lavish Raleigh, we make sure you keep to the strategic plan to blow you away with the completed project, without blowing the budget. To review some of the beautiful bathroom designs we’ve completed for our clients, review our portfolio.

Thirdly, we’ll consider finishes. This is where the real Lavish experience comes to life. What you put on the floors, walls, and even smaller items like drawer pulls and décor can make the biggest difference in the overall impression the space makes. For example, there are some beautiful vanity mirrors that become the focal point for the room, a strategic addition to a space with little room for art on the walls or for the spaces where less is definitely more. A countertop can anchor and tie everything together or it can confuse the eye. This is where the design team and Lavish really shines. Not only do we want you to walk away with a space that works better for you, but we also really want you to feel a lavish experience each time you spend time there.

It’s your choice whether you want to retain creative control over all the design decisions, or whether you want to have initial conversations to get on the same page with vision, and then leave it up to the design team to do what they do best – deliver you a bathroom that aligns with that vision. Bathroom remodels can be a dream come true, or they can turn into a headache that’s hard on your budget and never seems to be complete. At Lavish Raleigh, we excel at communication, before, during and after the project, and do everything in our power to give you a lavish experience, no matter what your price point is. Ready for a chat about your bathroom remodel? Contact us for a no cost, no obligation conversation today at 919-803-3383. What do you have to lose – except maybe, finally that ugly tub/shower combination.